Easy setup

Account Set-Up

Customise your card designs and choose if you want Hardcoded or Connected Cards.

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1. Design your Doorways

Put your brand front and centre.

Design your Doorway to align with your marketing strategy and give your employees a uniquely branded networking tool.

Update your Doorway’s design any time. Whether it’s a new colorway to reflect the season’s theme or a special promotion for a cause you care about, your Doorway reflects your corporate identity - no Doorway branding in sight.

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2. Choose between

Hardcoded or Connected Cards

Doorway Hardcoded

Doorway’s signature product.

With your Hardcoded Doorway, you can share your details anywhere, anytime.

Whether your touring a site outside of town or meeting a new connection on your flight to New York, you can build your network with no need for internet connection.

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Connected Cards LP Icon

Connected Cards

Doorway Connected Cards bring analytics to your business development. Connected Cards come with increased functionality and Scan Analytics tailored to the needs of tomorrow's salesperson.

Your Connected Card links to a branded landing page wherein the people you meet have the option to share their details back. When you share your Doorway, recipients need only click one button to send their details back to you - you will both receive an email reminder of when you met.


How to get started

Start your organisation's free trial today.

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Your Doorway, your branding.

Entirely customise your organisation’s cards - you can update the design at any time.

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Create cardholders 1-by-1, upload a CSV of employee details, or sync Doorway to your HR management software to instantly generate cardholder details.

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Each cardholder is sent an email with a link to save Doorway to their digital wallet - no app download required.

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Update your organization’s Doorway design and details from the Admin Portal. All updated Doorways will automatically refresh to reflect any changes made.