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Doorway has taken the digital business card market by storm in creating a uniquely positioned offering: business card platform that is entirely native to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Purpose-built B2B and entirely app-free.

Doorway provide corporates with the ability to place their brand in the digital wallets of their employees, providing their workforce with business cards that showcase the innovation initiatives pushed forth by businesses focused on sustainability and digital-first transformation.

As we are often asked about our decision to create a digital business card platform solely for the Apple Wallet & Google Pay, I take the initiative herein to delve deeper into our thought process, showcasing the benefits of a digital wallet-native software, and looking at the growth in digital wallet usage across both iPhone and android devices.

Before the educational experience you will embark on below…

I would first and foremost like to thank our clients, each and every one being a company that has taken the initiative to find an eco-friendly solution to the antiquated habit of the corporate world: paper business cards.

Doorway does reach far beyond a simple means to network and share personal details from your Apple Wallet, but that is nonetheless our bread-and-butter, our expertise, and our calling, and I thank our clients for their trust in our team in managing the professional details of their workforce.

Digital business cards are in the wallets of huge brands

Digital business cards for innovative corporates

To start, lets look at the business card journey enterprises around the world have taken, starting with the shift from a paper business card in decades past, to what we now know as a digital business card used to exchange contact information.

We begin with the ebusiness card.

Said items were created almost 10 years ago as physical business cards you could tap to share contact details. These e business cards come in plastic and metal form, and though they did the trick of sharing contact details via a URL, they were rejected by the corporate landscape due to fundamental security issues along NFC information sharing and ineffective distribution to global workforces.

Digital business card apps

The next notion on the digital business card development journey was the app-based digital card. Companies asked employees to download an app to share their contact info via a qr code.

Though completely paperless, a corporate marketing team would rather collapse than have their employees engage their corporate credential through a branded app.

Moreover, potential clients of these app-based digital cards also found fault in the information security architecture, as these cards again required the use of a public URL.

Then comes Doorway.

Lets put bring digital business card to your apple wallet and allow you to share all the details you want via a QR code that requires no internet connection – mo more information security risk, purpose built for corporates, and the ability to share your digital business card without the need for an app or physical card. Way too easy. Problem solved.

Innovative corporates across the globe have come to Doorway with the same mandate – the need for a corporate credential, branded for their company and designed for seamless management and distribution.

Doorway sits in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay

We have worked with our clients to ensure a seamless integration experience, with the ability to easily add thousands of employees to your account in seconds and ensure the highest adoption in the market.

Looking for an Apple Wallet business card?

Welcome to Doorway.

The Apple Wallet is our Home, and Digital Business Cards are our passion.

Ok, so we created a QR code in your apple wallet that has your company logo in the top right corner and is entirely branded to your company. Why is that worth the price tag?

Well, loyal reader, I would be delighted to answer.

Doorway Admin Portal

Doorway’s USP

To add a digital business card to your wallet is simple.

To manage the process, the branding, and the security architecture for thousands of employees is where Doorway brings its buff. The business of managing contact details is actually more sensitive than many imagine – we are effectively housing the personal information of your entire workforce!

That comes with a huge responsibility.

Do you think I would sign my name on a contract with CBRE if i was not certain that we were able to protect the data of those 150,000 dedicated realtors?

Fortunately, I do not just rely on Doorway’s information security team, but we also have the support of another global corporate — cue: Ernst & Young. Doorway has engaged Ernst & Young’s SOC team to audit our security architecture and protocols, bring an added layer of confidence to the global industry leaders we call clients.

Doorway is a fully secure solution trusted by banks and financial services

Was it wise to design a product purposely built for the digital wallet?

Yes. Our clients are thinking a step ahead, and so are we. “Lets target a market that is growing every day”, said our beloved Founders.

Apple Wallet usage has grown significantly in recent years, both in terms of the number of users and the number of transactions, making it an ideal venue for a digital business card.

Number of Apple Wallet Users

In 2022, there were an estimated 700 million Apple Pay users worldwide.

This represents a growth of 66 million users since 2020, and a growth of 137 million users since 2018.

Number of transactions with the Apple Wallet

In 2022, there were an estimated 5.5 billion Apple Pay transactions worldwide.

This represents a growth of 30% since 2020, and a growth of 100% since 2018.

Apple Wallet Growth in specific countries

In the United States, Apple Pay usage has grown from 18% of shoppers in 2019 to 23% of shoppers in 2023.

In the United Kingdom, Apple Pay usage has grown from 48% of shoppers in 2019 to 69% of shoppers in 2023.

In France, Apple Pay usage has grown from 42% of shoppers in 2019 to 63% of shoppers in 2023.

Apple Wallet usage fact sheet

Google Wallet usage is also growing rapidly.

According to a recent report by Finder, Google Pay had over 150 million active users worldwide in April 2022. This represents a significant increase from the 25 million active users reported in 2020.

Google Pay is also growing in popularity in terms of transaction volume. In the first quarter of 2023, Google Pay processed over $1 trillion in transactions globally, up from $600 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

Here are some additional metrics on the growth in Google Wallet usage:

In the first quarter of 2023, 22% of global consumers made a purchase with Google Pay online, up from 17% in the first quarter of 2021.

In the United Kingdom, Google Pay is the most popular mobile payment service, with 69% of digital wallet users using it.

In India, Google Pay is the leading mobile payments app, with over 120 million active users.

Brilliant. How does it work and we will get started immediately.

Delighted to hear that! You can get started for free any time via our website, and you will have your new business card within moments. For those in need of more information, let me walk you through the process.

Doorway’s digital business card platform is designed for enterprises. Our platform provides branded cards to your apple wallet that use a secure QR code to share your contact details without the need for an app or internet connection.

Apple Wallet business cards are being used by brands like HSBC, CBRE, and more

Your Doorway is entirely branded to your company, with the entire design focused around your logo.

Beyond your company’s and and the QR code, your digital business card will display your name and your job title, and your QR code will share all the details you input including your phone number, email, social media links (i.e. LinkedIn), etc.

Detail management is controlled within Admin accounts, wherein your company admin will access the ability to create Doorways for your workforce and customize employee permissions to edit edit their business card details as the Admin sees fit.

The admin can create thousands of digital business cards for employees instantly via an integration with your incumbent HR management system (i.e. Workday or Azure AD). From our website, you can learn more about integration functionality and card creation.

As an apple wallet digital business card platform, the ability to create your digital business card directly from your iphone was critical.

Our next article details how to get your digital business card into your apple wallet on-the-go, ready for access at networking events or social occasions worldwide.

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