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Managing Doorways & Users: the process & differences

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Doorways and Users represent two different aspects of your profile. A Doorway represents an individual data payload, such as a digital business card for a singular company. A User represents a central profile that can own or have multiple Doorways, and multiple data payloads. For example this can be one User with multiple Doorways.

This application can be extremely useful for C-suite that travel across the globe to multiple locations and company hubs. A localised design for each Doorway can be applied. Alternatively, one individual can have multiple Doorways for multiple companies.

Admins are able to manually manage Doorways and Users via the Doorways & Users page. From here admins can update the contact information that Doorways share, create new Doorways and Users, remove Doorways, and remove Users.

  • View How to Create Doorways to learn how to create individual Doorways
  • To Remove Doorways: Click on the Doorways section of the Doorways & Users page, click on Edit under the Quick Actions column. A sidebar will open up with the Doorway’s information. Scroll to the bottom and click Delete Doorway.
  • To Remove Users: Head to the Users section of the Doorways & Users page. Click Edit under the Quick Actions column. The sidebar opens with the User’s account information. Click Delete User to delete the user.

If your organisation has connected to Doorway’s platform via an HR connection, Doorways and Users should be managed via the HR platform.

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