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Sending it is what equips your new contact with everything they need to get in touch—a pretty important piece of the networking puzzle.

You might already have a digital business card or you might be looking into the logistics of different card types before making your decision.

Either way, we’ve outlined the steps for sharing a digital business card that lives in your Apple or Android digital wallet.

Scroll on for your easy-to-follow, four-step process.

How do I send a digital business card?

The way you share your card depends on the type of digital business card you have.

What are those types? They are NFC cards (also known as an electronic business card), digital wallet cards, and app-based cards. You can read all about each type, their pros, cons, and costs in this article here.

Below, we’ve outlined the sharing process for a Doorway Digital Business Card that lives in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

4 steps to sharing your digital business card: create, download, access, and scan

But we know not everyone will have our card and we still want to help. So further down the page we briefly explain how you can share a card from an app and from social media.

Sharing a digital business card using your Apple or Google Wallet

Digital business cards in your digital wallet are the easiest and most convenient way to network, and that’s in part thanks to how easy it is to share the card with new contacts.

If you’re already a Doorway card user or are considering getting one, then this is for you.

Step 1 – Create digital business cards

The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is set up a Doorway account.

Create a personal Doorway

If you only need one card you can set up a free Doorway account here. If you need digital business cards for your team or company, you can get in touch with a member of our team.

Once you have your account, you need to create the card by adding your basic contact details.

Companies can create multiple cards at once by uploading a CSV file or integrating the platform with their HR software.

You also need to design your card. Free Doorway account holders can choose from 6 color options. Paid accounts can customize the card with a custom design and logo.

Step 2 – Download the card to your digital wallet

Once you’ve created your card, you need to download it to your digital wallet.

Company cardholders will receive an email while individual Doorway users will be able to download the card from their Doorway account.

All you have to do is click the button or link provided. It’s that simple.

Be sure to check that your card is now in your digital wallet. For iPhone users, it will be in your Apple Pay and for Android users, it will be in your Google Pay.

Step 3 – Access your card

You’ve met a potential client and before you part ways, you want to share your details. Go ahead and open your digital wallet in your phone.

Select your digital business card and show it to your new contact.

Doorway in digital wallet

Step 4 – Have your new contact scan the QR code on your card

To send your card information you’ll need to have your contact scan it with their smartphone camera.

Make sure their camera focuses on the QR code. With Doorway, your contact is able to add the details directly and automatically to their phone app.

And there you have it. You’ve officially sent your digital business card. Now the exciting part begins—closing the deal.

Sharing a digital business card through an app

App-based cards have a similar process to those you host in your digital wallet. The main differences are in the experience of your new contact and your user interface.

Step 1 – Download the app

First and foremost, download the app that your digital business card lives in. If you don’t have the provider yet, you’ll need to find out. HiHello is a popular digital business card maker, especially amongst solopreneurs and freelancers.

Step 2 – Create your card

Enter the contact details you want shared by your card and upload any design details or choose from your app’s templates.

Step 3 – Open your app

When it comes time to share your card, you’ll need to open it and select your card (some apps allow you to have multiple).

Step 4 – Have your new contact scan the QR code

Present your card to your contact and tell them to scan the QR code. They’ll be taken to a URL. Then they’ll need to manually add the contact info hosted by that URL into their phone. That way they can contact you in the future.

Sharing a digital business card over social media

Online networking is incredibly prevalent given remote work practices and platforms like Linkedin. While not exactly a digital business card, you can share your contact details there and over other social media platforms.

Step 1 – Create your card

First, you’ll need to find a provider ( is a popular one) and you can use them as if they’re a digital business card.

Add the various links to your account that you want to direct people to. You can add landing pages, meeting booking pages, your portfolio, and more.

Step 2 – Post it on your social media profile

Add the link to your social media profile and use it as if it were a business card.

You can go one step more by directing people to that link with a CTA in posts or in the bio of your profile.

Benefits of digital card sharing

Why go digital at all? Haven’t physical business cards served us well for decades, if not longer?

It’s true. Paper cards had their time and before smartphones and our increasing digital presence, they were enough. But businesses need to stay on the cutting edge of technology and work toward more sustainable futures.

Today, we rely on digital wallets more than we do physical ones, we carry our phones on us instead of connected to phone lines, we have a planet to save, and unnecessary business expenses to cut.

The need to switch from paper to digital is clear but, just in case you need some selling points, here are the top benefits to using digital business cards:

  • You can save money on cards because you only need one per person and never have to replace that card
  • You can cut down on paper waste and practice better sustainability
  • You can keep company data and personal information secure (depending on your business card type and provider)

Unlock your networking potential with Doorway

Choose a digital business card solution that’s more secure, sustainable, and seamless to use than any other.

With Doorway, you can retire your physical business card and move into the 21st century of networking.

If you’re shopping for a new business card provider, get in touch here.

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