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Doorway in digital wallet

Doorway is a digital business card creator that offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform for designing and sharing your unique professional identity.

But how exactly do you share these digital cards?

This article offers a step-by-step guide on how to share your digital business card across three types of devices—Apple, Android, and your desktop.

Option 1: Sharing a Digital Business Card on Apple Devices

Step-by-Step Guide for Sharing a Digital Business Card on iPhones

Here’s your quick guide to sharing digital business cards using your Apple device.

If you already have your digital business card downloaded to your digital wallet, you can skip to step 2.


The first thing you need to do is download your card to your Apple Wallet.

This process is slightly different depending on if you are an individual cardholder or on your company’s Doorway account.

Don’t have your digital business card yet? Create one here.

Individual cardholders (who have a free digital business card & Doorway account) should log in to their account and make sure all contact details are up to date. It’s best to do this from your iPhone so that you can download the card immediately from your account.

This is what it looks like from your phone or browser:

Doorway login page mobile
Doorway login page desktop

Company cardholders need to locate the email sent from Doorway on behalf of your company. It will look something like this:

Card distribution example CBRE

Click the ‘Get Your Card’ button in the email. It will take you to this:

Download a digital business card

Your company will have uploaded your contact details for you.

The rest of the process is true for both company or individual cardholders. You need to click the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button in your account.

Save your Doorway card to your apple wallet from mobile

And there you have it! It’s in your wallet for you to use whenever you’re networking.

2. Open your Apple Wallet

Now that you have your digital business card downloaded, you can access it by opening your Apple Wallet.

Select your digital business card from the cards you hold in your digital wallet.

Doorway in digital wallet

Having your card in your digital wallet allows you to share your Doorway quickly and effectively while networking. You’ll never need more than one card and it’s always on hand.


See that QR code on your card? That’s what you need to show your new networking contact. That QR code holds all of your contact info and transfers it directly to your new connection’s mobile device.

Show your card and have the other person scan the QR code with their smartphone’s camera. There’s a QR code reader built-in that will open up your contact details.


With Doorway cards, the QR code is hardcoded through a dynamic QR code. That means it’s able to share contact details directly to your contacts phone app.

Other digital cards require you to go to a public URL and then manually save the contact information. Doorway’s process cuts out that unnecessary step.

You don’t need to be connected to the internet for your card to work and Doorway is the most secure method out there for transferring data via a digital business card.

Your new contact simply needs to make sure they press ‘Done’ or ‘Save’ in their phone app to keep your contact details.

Option 2: Sharing a Digital Business Card on Android Devices

No Apple device? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Android users can also easily share their digital business cards with a few taps. Let’s take a look at how you can put your digital business card into action on Android devices.

Step-by-Step Guide for Sharing a Digital Business Card on Android Phones

Here are the steps to share your digital business card from your Android device.


First things first, you need to have your digital business card available on your device.

If you’re an individual Doorway cardholder, log in to your account on your phone’s browser and download the card from there.

Doorway login page mobile
Download your Doorway card to your Google Pay

If you’ve received the card from your company, find the email sent by Doorway on behalf of your company and download the card from the provided link.

Card distribution example CBRE
Save your Doorway Card to Google Pay

It will live in your Android’s digital wallet. Now that’s convenient.

2. Access Your Digital Business Card

Once you have downloaded your digital business card (we call them Doorways…we know), you can access it by opening your Google Wallet on your Android device.

Doorway example Android


Each Doorway has a unique QR code that holds all your contact details. Show this QR code to the person you want to share your card with. They can scan the QR code using their phone’s camera to retrieve your details.


The QR code from the Doorway directly transfers your contact details to the other person’s phone app. Make sure they hit ‘Save’ or ‘Done’ on their app to store your contact details. This way, they won’t lose your information and can easily get back to you later.

With these steps, you’re equipped to use your Android device as a powerful networking tool, always ready to share your professional details through your digital business card.

Option 3: Sharing a Digital Business Card on Desktops

Virtual networking happens just as often, if not more than face-to-face. You might be connecting with someone over a Zoom call, LinkedIn message, or an old-fashioned email.

In these cases, sharing your digital business card from your desktop can help nurture your relationship and give your new contact the tools to get in touch.

Step-by-Step Guide for Sharing a Digital Business Card via Email or Messaging Apps

The quickest and easiest way to share your details via email is to use Doorway’s email signatures. Get in touch with us if you’re interesting in rolling this out! If you don’t have access to Doorway’s email signatures yet, then the following instructions are for you.


The first step is to capture an image of your digital business card.

You can do this from the Doorway portal or your digital wallet. Make sure that your card’s QR code is clear and visible in the screenshot.

This is what your contact will scan to get your details.


Once you have a good image, head to your email or messaging platform and open up a new message.

If you’re using an app like Slack or Teams, this would mean opening a direct message with the person you want to share your card with.


Next, you’ll need to attach the image of your card to the message.

Use the paperclip or ‘attach’ button to find the screenshot on your computer and add it to the message.


Fill in the recipient’s email address or phone number in the ‘To’ field.

In the body of the message, it can be helpful to add a quick note explaining what the image is and how to use it, in case the recipient isn’t familiar with digital business cards.


Once you’ve got everything in order, hit the ‘Send’ button. Your digital business card is now on its way to your contact.

What Else Should I Know? Tips for Sharing Digital Business Cards

There’s an art to sharing digital business cards effectively.

Customizing Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards offer an exciting opportunity for customization that you can’t achieve with traditional cards.

Showcase Your Brand & Logo: Use your brand’s color palette, logo, and typeface on your digital card to create a consistent image that reinforces your brand identity.

Include Relevant Details: Digital cards aren’t confined to a physical size, so you’re free to include more information than you could on a traditional card. Just remember to keep it concise and relevant. Want to include a link to a high converting landing page? Go for it.

Update Regularly: The digital format also allows you to update your details whenever necessary. If your job title, contact details, or branding changes, you can easily reflect these changes on your card.

Choosing the Right Provider for Creating and Sharing Digital Business Cards

There are several platforms available for creating digital business cards, but they’re not all created equal. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your provider:

User-Friendly Design Tools: Look for a platform that offers an easy-to-use design interface. You’ll want the ability to customize your card to fit your brand, without needing a degree in graphic design to do so.

Sharing Options: Different platforms offer different methods for sharing your digital card. Some integrate with your phone’s wallet app, others provide a standalone app or a web-based solution. Consider your networking needs when evaluating these options.

Data Protection: Digital business cards involve sharing personal contact details, so make sure the provider you choose has robust data protection measures in place.

Ease of management: Finally, look for a provider with a platform that’s easy to manage. If you need to update details across your company, update everyone’s card design, or offboard and onboard talent you want a tool that makes it seamless.

Doorway is user friendly, is available to share without an app and without internet, is SOC II certified, and allows for bulk user uploads and management. For a great provider, look no further.

You can sign up to Doorway here.

Why Share a Digital Business Card Over A Traditional One?

Digital business cards offer several key advantages over traditional paper business cards that make them a smart choice for professionals in any industry.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional business cards, which require paper and ink, digital business cards are completely eco-friendly.

There’s no physical waste to worry about, making them a green alternative. With the heightened awareness around sustainability, choosing to share digital business cards over traditional ones is a responsible and forward-thinking decision.

Always Accessible and Up-to-Date

How often have you found yourself in a situation where you’d like to give someone your contact information, but you’ve run out of traditional business cards?

With digital business cards, you’ll never face this problem. As long as you have your phone or a device with internet connectivity, you’re ready to share your contact details.

Plus, if your job title or contact details change, you can easily update your digital card, ensuring the information you share is always accurate.

Easy to Share and Store

Sharing digital business cards is a breeze. You can send them via email, messaging apps, or even through a QR code. Similarly, storing and organizing received digital cards is much easier and more efficient than dealing with a pile of traditional business cards.

Making the switch to digital could be a game-changer in how you network and connect with others.

Cost Effective

Traditional business cards involve costs for designing, printing, and distributing. Plus, you need to reorder each time you run out.

Digital business cards, on the other hand, are a cost-effective monthly subscription. You can share them infinitely without any additional costs.

You’ll save not just money, but valuable time and resources too.

Brand examples on Doorway

Network Your Way to New Business— Get Doorway Digital Business Cards

With Doorway Digital Business Cards, you can confidently make lasting impressions and create meaningful connections.

Our platform lets you create personalized digital business cards that align with your brand and professional image. You can share your cards effortlessly, keep them updated with the latest information, and keep your company data secure.

Get started here.

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