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Doorway Business Tier

Building on Core Tier with more advanced customization options and more cards, Business Tier carers to the diverse needs of ambitious and growing brands.


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Why Choose Business Tier?

500 Digital Business Cards 

Elevate your professional image, amplify your growing brand, and make lasting impressions.

Business Tier arms your organization with 500 digital business cards. Effortlessly establish and maintain a dynamic online presence, and equip your entire team with a powerful tool for effective networking.

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50 Trees Planted per Month

Go beyond networking and make a positive impact on the environment.

For every client enrolled on Business Tier, we plant 50 trees per month on their behalf, contributing to a sustainable future. Elevate your corporate responsibility by choosing a digital business card solution that not only enhances your professional image but also actively supports eco-friendly initiatives. 

Join us in cultivating a greener tomorrow with the Business Tier.

5 Admins 

Invest in seamless control and efficiency for your digital business cards with our Business Tier, where customers gain access to a robust system featuring five dedicated admins to manage card details.

This elevated level of administrative access ensures data accuracy and smoother card management. Empower your team to effortlessly coordinate and streamline digital identity management with our Business Tier, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of your growing business.

NYU Design

1 Design Template

The perfect foundation for effective and unified digital communication.

Start simple with one design template, ensuring a cohesive and professional digital presence.

Tailor your team’s identity with ease, and benefit from a consistent and visually appealing representation across all your digital business cards. 

CSV Upload

Effortless card management.

Experience unparalleled ease in digital business card management with our Core Tier, allowing you to effortlessly handle cards in bulk through CSV upload.

Simplify the process of updating and organizing card details for your team, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Elevate your control and streamline workflows, providing a seamless experience in managing digital business cards

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Cardholder Permissions

Ensure accuracy and up to date information with cardholder permissions.

Set permissions and allow employees to manage key details, from phone numbers to LinkedIn profiles. 

Upgrade Options

Looking for even more features and benefits? Explore our Pricing page for additional customization, more cards, more designs, and dedicated support.


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