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Our Story

Doorway is changing the meaning of networking. The global corporate landscape is focused on sustainability, and included in this initiative are positive changes toward digitization. The paper business card is dying, but employees still need a corporate credential. Doorway is that credential. 

Doorway is playing a key role in empowering individuals with a tool to exchange data – a branded card in their digital wallet that can instantly share information without the need for an app or internet connection. Our platform has been designed hand-in-hand with our blue-chip clients to serve the needs of a multinational organization. Our Admin Portal, enterprise integrations, and customer success programs are fundamental to Doorway being the industry champion, all of which continue to be built upon and refined as our team learns with our clients’ experiences. 

Innovative, sustainable, and a delight to use. That is Doorway.

The Team.

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Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser

Chase Tecimer

Chase Tecimer

We have been extraordinarily lucky to build a team of world class individuals, and with the momentum and success of our product’s uptake, we are excited to keep growing. 
We have clients across industries and on three continents. We are constantly doubling down on tech- and data-fueled innovation, and our product and platform roadmap is more ambitious today than ever. We place our clients at the center of everything we do, and we see a virtually unlimited set of opportunities to expand our client footprint and deepen the value we can unlock by building together.

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Sales & Customer Success

Sales Executive (London, UK)