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Tailored infrastructure for departmentalised businesses.

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Multiple admins

Designate as many Admins as your business requires. Each Admin will have the ability to add and remove employees from your Doorway account and assign unique Doorway designs to respective departments.

Create departments with differing admin rights

Create an unlimited number of departments and assign Admins to oversee respective departmental management. Designate a Super Admin to delineate Admin rights such as billing and card designs.

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Filter by department

Filter the view of your organisation's employees by department, helping to localise administrative units within your business.



How to get started

Start your organisation's free trial today.

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Your Doorway, your branding.

Entirely customise your organisation’s cards - you can update the design at any time.

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Create cardholders 1-by-1, upload a CSV of employee details, or sync Doorway to your HR management software to instantly generate cardholder details.

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Each cardholder is sent an email with a link to save Doorway to their digital wallet - no app download required.

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Update your organization’s Doorway design and details from the Admin Portal. All updated Doorways will automatically refresh to reflect any changes made.