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Employee Management

Designate multiple Admins, and use Bulk Management to create Doorways for your entire organisation.

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Add & Remove Employees

Add, edit & remove employees via the admin portal

Add, edit and remove Employees 1-by-1 via your Admin Portal. For larger organisations, our Professional and Business Tiers have access to Bulk Management to instantly create hundreds of Doorways for your entire organisation.

All of our service tiers allow for up to 400 Doorways per organisation, with a bespoke Enterprise Tier available for larger organisations. You can add employees as cardholders within your Doorway limit at any time.

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Doorway Digital Business Card Email

Employees receive their card via email

Once Doorways are created, employees will receive a link via email to save their Doorway to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Your Admin can control what information an employee’s Doorway shares, or your employees can input their own information.

Update cards remotely

All Doorway cards are connected to Doorway's servers. If your Admin(s) change employees' card design, the details it shares, or remove a card from a leaver, the updated Doorway(s) will automatically refresh to reflect the changes.

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Bulk Managent

Whether you have tens, hundreds or thousands of employees, you can create and distribute Doorways for your entire organisation within seconds.

Upload a CSV to instantly create multiple cardholders

The Admin portal includes a .CSV template to make sure everything runs smoothly with your upload. The Bulk Management feature allows you to create and/or remove several employees from your Doorway roster instantly. Add additional employees progressively, or replace your roster entirely with a new .CSV upload.

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Connect your HR software

Alternatively to our CSV upload functionality, Admin(s) can integrate their Doorway account with Azure Active Directory or Okta to seamlessly create and manage Doorway cardholders.




How to get started

Start your organisation's free trial today.

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Your Doorway, your branding.

Entirely customise your organisation’s cards - you can update the design at any time.

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Create cardholders 1-by-1, upload a CSV of employee details, or sync Doorway to your HR management software to instantly generate cardholder details.

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Each cardholder is sent an email with a link to save Doorway to their digital wallet - no app download required.

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Update your organization’s Doorway design and details from the Admin Portal. All updated Doorways will automatically refresh to reflect any changes made.