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Doorway digital business cards go in your employees' Apple Wallet or Google Pay - a sustainable software solution built for enterprise integration.

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Remotely manage your company's cards | Doorway
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Digital Wallet Ready

Goes in employees' Apple Wallet,
Google Pay or Apple Watch.

Design Cards

Design your cards to match your company's brand and instantly update all cards anytime.

App Free

Share details without needing an app.

No Internet Needed

Share details without needing
internet connection.

Remotely Manage All Cards

Control and instantly update your cardholders's details; whether that be updating a job title or removing a card from a leaver.

1-Month Free Trial

1-month free trial and custom quotes available.

Monthly tree planting to further your carbon offset

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we plant trees with your corporate subscriptions to bring you closer to net-zero carbon. Each month, your company’s offset grows as more trees are planted on your behalf.

Your company will receive a Tree Certificate and annual report authenticating:

Your total CO2 offset via Doorway

Number of trees planted

Species of tree planted

Location of planted trees

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The Problems with paper business cards

Companies, big and small, are now getting digital business cards in order to stay ahead 🏎


6 million trees are cut down every year for the production of paper business cards.


88% of paper business cards are thrown away without their details even being saved.

Costly on management

How many times have you heard of or experienced the pain of receiving 500 new paper business cards and then your job title changes. You order 500 new ones. Then, the company branding changes. The company procurement officer then has to order 500 cards x the whole employee headcount…

Doorway is Your Solution

Solve paper business card problems whilst also improving your networking and operational efficiencies.

Instantly share contact details

Contact details are instantly saved when the QR code is scanned.

No app needed to use.

No internet connection needed to use.

Full admin controls

Design your cards.

Control what details each employees' card shares (job title, contact information etc.).

Cloud based

Update card designs anytime.

Instantly update the details each card shares.

Add new cards anytime.

Instantly remove cards from leavers.

Easy rollout

1 - Create Cards
The admin creates a card for each employee.

2 - Cards Automatically Sent via Email
Employees automatically receive their card via email and can instantly save it to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

3 - Ready to Go!
And voila, the cards can be used immediately!

Why Doorway digital business cards?

We're not afraid to compare ourselves.


Digital business card in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

  • App Free
  • No Internet Needed
  • Cardless
  • Full Admin Controls

Mobile Apps

Digital business card
in a mobile app.

  • Cardless
  • Full Admin Controls

Physical NFC Cards

A plastic or metal card that shares contact details using NFC.

  • App Free

Data Privacy

It's always our top priority.


At Doorway we are committed to offering world class data protection standards
to ensure your data is safe and your compliance requirements are met.

24/7 customer support

Speak directly to a human.

What our customers say about us

I have been trialling this over the last few weeks and have had some really great feedback from clients suggesting the days of hard copy business cards are indeed over.

Mark Farmer - Founding Director & CEO at Cast Consultancy

We wanted business cards for an event but didn't want to go for the ‘old way’. These are ideal for the business vibe we wanted to give off, and fit for the future.

Alex Green - CEO at Beyond Wines

My digital business card from Doorway has revolutionised the way I make in-person connections. I can leave the stacks of business cards at home, and instead, just open my apple wallet on my iPhone, show my digital business card and via a QR code my details leap into the contact book of my new acquaintance in seconds.

Andy Gibson - CEO at WildTribe

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