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Digital Business Cards, designed for Apple Wallet & Google Pay.

Thoughtfully built for seamless integration and focused on data privacy & security. No app download or internet connection required to use.

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Enterprise management solutions

Designate company Admins to design your organization’s Doorway, select cardholders, and control what details your organization’s Doorway shares.

Create cardholders for your organization one-by-one, via .CSV upload, or integrate Doorway with your incumbent HR management platform.

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Integrate with HR Platforms

Integrate with Azure Active Directory & Okta

With Doorway’s HR Integration functionality, Admins only need one touchpoint to populate their Doorway roster of employees. Incumbent HR management platforms can be linked to your Doorway account to sync employee details, add and remove employees, and maintain an automated loop of cardholders and the information that they share.

Through HR integration, Admin(s) will have the option to choose which team, department or unique group receives a card.


Login using SSO

Once your Doorway account is integrated with either Azure Active Directory or Okta, Doorway offers SSO integration to for a truly seamless user experience.

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Your Brand, Your Domain

Custom domain for Login & Signup

A unique space, just for you. Design a custom domain and landing page for your employees to access their Doorway accounts.

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Information Security

Doorway's strongest feature.

At Doorway, we are committed to offering world class data protection standards to ensure your data is safe and your compliance requirements are met. We are tasked with protecting the personal information of our clients, and we continuously audit our platform to ensure we confidently carry this responsibility.

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Request to download Doorway's Information Security Bundle, including SOC2 Type I report
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How to get started

Start your organisation's 1-month free trial.

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Your Doorway, your branding.

Entirely customize your orgnaisation’s cards - you can update the design at any time.

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Create cardholders 1-by-1, upload a CSV of employee details, or sync Doorway to your HR management software to instantly generate cardholder details.

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Each cardholder is sent an email with a link to save Doorway to their digital wallet - no app download required.

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Start your 1-month free trial today.

No fee and no payment card required.

The Doorway free trial gives your team a chance to realise the beauty of instantly sharing contact details, without the need for an app or internet connection.