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About us

Doorway is a digital business card service that’s thinking about the future of in person data sharing.

When you share your contact details with someone you’re sharing data.

When we think about data we think of online cookie tracking, search history and social media algorithms. But we own, produce and share data far beyond this when we do things in the real world. Whether you’re sharing contact details with people, accessing your office or you worry about losing your car keys. Doorway looks to streamline these processes (and more) by eventually removing wasteful technologies, like Doorway access keys for example.

Most importantly to this, data control and security must come at Doorway’s heart. We’ve grown up in a world learning that the future of technology should work for the benefit of society, without ever compromising our fundamental rights to privacy.

"Doorway has been created with the future of business, technology and data in mind. We’re building a tool that should make it seamless to share any kind of data in person. With the lessons of data control, privacy & security as a centrally guiding force."

Hugh Fraser, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Story

We as Co-Founders have always strived to create something that solves a problem so simply that it makes it elegant - hoping to fulfil the quoted words from David Deutsche’s ‘The Beginning of Infinity'; “how could it be any different?” (David Deutsche, 2011).

Our initial idea stemmed from seeing QR codes everywhere due to COVID, at bars and restaurants for example. We kept thinking: “these magical codes act as doorways to our digital worlds”.

We as Co-Founders have been obsessed with the idea of data interoperability and personal data stores (brain-child of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the world wide web) for years.

So when COVID hit, when we were all quarantining together, it made sense to start a company doing the most basic version of our dreams: put a sticker with a QR code on the back of your mobile device and make it share contact details.

From there, we’ve taken the idea of lean principles to the max., making incremental and continuous improvements to our product that’s brought us to where we are now: a digital business card that goes in your digital wallet that caters for the needs of individuals and companies, big and small.

The Co-Founders

Hugh Fraser | Doorway

Hugh Fraser


Hugh has spent the past seven years building and growing tech businesses in London. Previous businesses include a retirement income aggregator, tennis matchmaker and digital phonebook alternative.

Henry Sinclair | Doorway

Henry Sinclair


Henry has 5 years of experience working as a technical product lead. He’s worked with startups and large organisations to design & manage the delivery of software for both commercial and internal use. Most recently he lead the development of internal dev tools for Arm’s ( core CPU & GPU engineering divisions.