Our story

A note from our Co-Founder and Managing Partner


Hugh Fraser

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Doorway is a software as a service company that is passionate about the future of in-person data sharing.

When you share your contact details with someone you are sharing data and a small piece of your identity.

Often, when we think about data, we think of online cookie tracking, search history and social media algorithms. But we own, produce and share data far beyond this when we go about our life in the real, physical world.

And Doorway is about unlocking the potential for us to do something about this data that we own and produce; all in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

Importantly though, data control and security are at the core of Doorway.

The future of technology should work for the benefit of society, whilst never compromising humans’ fundamental rights to privacy.

Doorway was created with the future of business, technology and data in mind. With Doorway, we have built a tool that will make it seamless to share any kind of data in-person.

Digital business cards are simply Doorway’s first endeavor. As we look towards the future, myself, my partners and my team at Doorway are excited about helping our customers forge more connections and find more ways to innovate and ignite change and impact.