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Admin Portal

Your cloud-based management suite.

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An intuitive platform built for tomorrow’s businesses.

Add employees, distribute Doorways, and remotely update anytime. 

Your Admin Portal is a bespoke workplace, tailored to the needs of your organization.

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Your Doorway,
your brand

Connect your people with your organization. As a piece of corporate identity, your Doorway is entirely customizable to your brand. 

A canvas for your marketing program: departmental card designs, remote management functionality, and unlimited design updates make Doorway the chosen marketing solution for industry thought leaders.

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Update your card design any time to reflect specific messaging – Doorway cards across your organization will instantly refresh to reflect any changes made.

Maximizing distribution, adoption, and management potential. (1) (1)

Maximizing distribution, adoption, and management potential.

Cardholders created within your Admin Portal will receive a Doorway via email and can save their Doorway directly to their digital wallets. 

Job Title promotions, new team members, change of department? You can create cardholders and update card details any time. Cardholders can be created 1-by-1, via a .csv upload, or integrate with your incumbent HR management software.

Enterprise software for seamless integration

Doorway integrates with your incumbent HR management platform for cardholder creation and management.

Using our integration functionality, you can select groups of cardholders to import from your existing employee detail management software. Select certain fields to sync, and grant permissions for your Admin or cardholders to edit their own details thereafter. Any new employees, team leavers, or detail changes made in your base-software will be automatically reflected in Doorway.

All HR integrations come with SSO capabilities.

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Bespoke architecture for the world’s largest organizations

Doorway’s Administrative Units feature allows for a truly customized experience, specifically engineered to suit the structure of your organization.

Assign different Admins for respective regional offices or business units within your organization, create unique card designs for these units, and separate cardholder management and billing.