Our team

At Doorway, we believe that connections are our most valued resource. Our mission is to create a world, where connecting is seamless and sustainable.

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The Co-founders

Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Hugh has spent the past seven years building and growing tech businesses in London. Previous businesses include a retirement income aggregator, tennis matchmaker and digital phonebook alternative.

Chase Tecimer

Chase Tecimer

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Chase has built his career across the institutional investment landscape. From private equity to real estate investment and eventually venture capital, every one of Chase’s endeavors has been focused on the theme of sustainability and the role of real asset as solutions to global decarbonization.

Team culture

We believe that our team and our work culture are two driving forces behind Doorway’s success to date. We believe that creative and intelligent people operating in a supportive, team-oriented environment will produce the best and most innovative outcomes for Doorway.

At Doorway, we strive to create a culture rooted in growth, connection and limitlessness.

Every member of our team, from the top down, helps support our company’s efforts to foster a dynamic, equitable, and inclusive workplace where we are all aligned by a singular goal – of increasing connectivity.

Our team member values



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